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A very Happy 2018 to everybody! I am really looking forward to speaking with everybody this year!
Finally, I am getting around to setting up our blog. We have been so busy since we moved to the area of Rankoshi, (near Niseko, Japan) that it seems like yesterday, although it is now over 4 years ago! We love being here, surrounded by quiet countryside and snowy mountains. 
Last year we started our garden, growing a mixture of local plants, such as Haskupp (a kind of blueberry that grows well in the snowy climate of Hokkaido), yusura-ume (a kind of small cherry), together with plants that we enjoy in my home country, such as gooseberry, artichokes, and parsnips!
It was very exciting enjoying the first small harvests throughout 2017.
This year I hope to add some more plants and flowers, once the snow melts of course. 
Meanwhile, we are enjoying snowboarding and skiiing as a family.
Best wishes to everyone for 2018.

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